Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Escape the mansion walkthrough level 11 to 20, a simple guide to win this game faster when no more credits available to show the clue or hints. Did you feel some level in this game is too easy to solve? yes sometimes we can guess the plot / groove this is happen because we compare the game with escape action which mush more harder to solve, every ten level we must beat the time and its almost impossible to beat, okay lets start the escape the mansion walkthrough

level 11 to 20 simple walkthrough

Escape the mansion level 11. slide paper at the floor left there’s number ?29, now insert the number above the door 2nd and 3rd column first, then try number 0 to 9 at 1st column ( 729 ).

Escape the mansion level 12. pick up bucket then fill with water from faucet, then move water into glass repeat this 3 times until a key floating (LOL).

Escape the mansion level 13. tap all light source quickly ( there’s 4 light source ).

Escape the mansion level 14. you must tap marble from the highest jump to lower quickly, marble position: 4, 2, 5, 3, 1.

Escape the mansion level 15. found the ball twice.

Escape the mansion level 16. change the candle number from the shortest to tallest (include the place mat).

Escape the mansion level 17. pick up cross then use to lit up candle, tap the spirit quickly.

Escape the mansion level 18. turn the hour hand clock wise until room more bright, tap raised tile and pick up key.

Escape the mansion level 19. see the clue above door it’s mean the number position 37258.

Escape the mansion level 20. remember the same picture, then find the same picture Quickly.

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