Escape the Mansion Halloween Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Escape the mansion Halloween walkthrough level 1 to 10 a special update to celebrating halloween by gipnetix games. We know this developer always produce a good puzzle game for android so if you a puzzle game player then you should download escape the mansion and select the halloween version when start the game. To complete all level in this game is easy just find every suspicious object and try to use it with related thing. We create this cheats for new puzzle game player that cannot solve some level in escape the mansion halloween.

Level 1

insert number 10312014 to unlock 

Level 2

pick up pumpkin, put on the table shake your android, get knife then used to create face on pumpkin

Level 3

tap bat starting from number 1 to 8 

Level 4

put pumpkin at shelf then shake, repeat until the last pumpkin, get key and open door 

Level 5

use broom to remove web, then insert number 63951 to unlock door 

Level 6

catch : heart, rectangle, ice cream, green lemon

Level 7

pick up candle then tap pumpkin from number 1 to 5 then shake your android, get the key behind owl

Level 8

give kids candy with colors : blue, green, light blue, red, purple, yellow 

Level 9

create a star symbol start from number 1 to 6

Level 10

move pumpkin from left plate to right plate follow our step above. A2 : mean pumpkin A move to plate 2

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