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Now i will share our escape the ghost town walkthrough level 1 to 15 a game by A-S-G, this game has amazing graphic but it’s need a better Smartphone / tablet if you want to play this addicting game, we use our galaxy tab 2 7 inch with 1 GB RAM and it’s a bit delay when touching object. Escape the ghost town level 3 can be passed if you cannot solve the combination, the skip button will be appear after 4-5 minutes, but if you still want to solve the circle puzzle we have the video to solve this level.

Escape the ghost town level 1.

pick up knife at standing barrel, use knife to open sack, pick up puzzle part, tap box pick up battery and flashlight, tap horizontal barrel put the puzzle part then correct the position, pick up paper, tap left ceiling match the number with letters in the paper, tap standing barrel then insert number 3*87 | 3287.

Escape the ghost town level 2.

Tap painting pick up hammer & complete the puzzle, pick up cutter ( remember the blue arrow direction ). tap cup board pick up screwdriver ( remember the red arrow) tap left table open secret container using screwdriver, pick up cabinet handle, use hammer to hit jar, pick up wrench, use cutter to open chair ( see green arrow ) tap bottom right cupboard put the cabinet handle then open it, use wrench to change each nut direction according to the color, pick up key and open door.

Escape the ghost town level 3.

Pick up ladder then put in front of the door, tap 2nd floor pick up stone, go to window use stone to break glass, pick up key, use key to open right tool box, pick up some stuff, go to wall put the circle then set combination  similar with preview above.

Escape the ghost town level 4.

Pick up pencil beside door see math the result is 2, tap table use pencil at the paper, see math the result is 4, pick up umbrella ten use to pick up crowbar above candle, see another math the result is 1, use crowbar to open wood beside door, then pick up chain cutter, tap seat under jacket, cut chain then set the button to 2413. pick up key and open door.                   

Escape the ghost town level 5.

Pick up book at the table, pick up cloth at right bookshelf, tap chair on the floor, pick up key use this key to open drawer at the table, pick up ink remover, back to left chair, use ink remover then use cloth to clean ink, remember the symbol circle, square, triangle, plus. tap bookshelf beside table lamp, put the book then change the symbol, pick up key and use to open right keyhole.

Escape the ghost town level 6.

Tap left wall then pick up wood stick, tap right red plant use wood stick to pick up hammer, use hammer to break left wall then pick up crossbow, tap top window use crossbow to shoot shovel, pick up shovel and use it to dig soil under the right red plant, pick up key and open door.

Escape the ghost town level 7.

Tap right panel, pick up saw, tap sofa pick up saw handle, tap right panel open using saw, pick up key and use to open left door, pick up several items, tap desk insert all items to hexagon, pick up key then open door.

Escape the ghost town level 8.

Tap sink pick up red cross, tap shelf pick up button then put red cross to box, pick up pliers, back to sink, use pliers to pick up tweezers then use it to pick up coins in the sink, tap door open panel using coins then put button, tap button until door unlocked.

Escape the ghost town level 9.

Open drawer pick up cloth then use to clean red paint, remember the symbol : music, flower, ship, tree. pick up hammer at the infusion, go to cupboard open using symbol. use hammer to open buckshot, back to drawer use buckshot and catapult, then use it to shot light bulb pick up key then open door.

Escape the ghost town level 10.

Pick up pliers at the bookshelf, tap painting at the wall use pliers to open wire, then pick up key, tap hole at left floor use wire to pick up paper. tap desk and pick up some item go to book shelf and put all item and paper, completed math : 40213, open door using key.

Escape the ghost town level 11.

Pick up key beside cup, open cabinet using key, then pick up matches, tap stove beside window, use matches to lit on, pick up pan then put water into cup, see a clue, use this clue to open box inside cabinet, pick up rope ladder. pick up pickaxe use to hit wall behind green screen, use rope ladder then go down.

Escape the ghost town level 12.

Tap bottom right wall and pick up circuit board and stone, tap bottom left stone pick up screwdriver and brush under the leaf. tap right gate open panel using screwdriver, pick up chalk then put circuit board, back to the left stone put chalk then hit using stone, put brush on powder
back to right gate panel, fix the cable position until the color match, use brush on the button to see clue, 3257 use this number to open gate.

Escape the ghost town level 13.

1. pick up key
2. complete puzzle on the box then open using key, pick up scissors part and combine
3. use scissor to cut bush, pick up crowbar
4. use crowbar to pick up key
5. use key to open door.

Escape the ghost town level 14.

1. pick up ladder
2. pick up wrench
3. pick up 5 tiles
4. pick up wheel
5. put wheel here
6. put tiles and then arrange the tiles ( see preview )
7. use wrench to open pipe, pick up key
8. use key to open ceiling, then put ladder and out.

Escape the ghost town level 15.

1. pick up knife
2. use knife to cut pillow and pick up butterfly toy
3. put toy at the drawer, pick up circles
4. tap map twice then put circles, arrange the number so the total become 15 then pick up key
5. use key to open cabinet, pick up parachute
6. use parachute to jump

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