Escape Game Galleria Walkthrough

Escape game galleria is a great puzzle game for iphone, ipad or ipod touch and we want to share the walkthrough to make you complete the game until the last door. Escape game galleria designed with good a realistic object so it’s will be very satisfying and the most important is we didn’t found any bug or lag when play this game everything is smooth and fast loading, very recommended to try. below is our screen capture while playing escape game galleria we hope this can help other player finish the game.

remember number at painting 27538, use this code to open blue door, 

tap behind sofa pick up rope, tap each pillow twice to see number behind and pick up battery

use number from pillow 538 to open chest and pick up card, tap right side single sofa and remember the clue

use card to open green door, go to table and pick up clamp, tap right display box and push arrow button same with clue

pick up flashlight then combine with battery, use battery to see clue at painting

tap left display box then insert letter escape, and pick up blue handle, pick up hook at the safe beside blue door

combine hook with rope, put rope at the stand then pick up red handle

pick up ring and earring from statue tap twice to separate accessories

put accessories at the stand, and remember the statue clue

go to black door, use handle to change statue position, go to statue and pick up clamp parts

combine clamp then tap red button to see clue ( count it ) go to display box

insert 5193 to middle display box, use flash light to see inside, use clamp to pick up key

open black door using key.

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