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Did you miss game like doors or floor? if you search game that have same type with those game we suggest you try escape from tower, this game have same concept with 100 door, but little bit more challenging. we already try 10 level in this game and want to help other player solve this level using our escape from tower walkthrough.

1. Tap elevator button.

2. Pick up wallet on the floor pick up card and keys use key to open panel below the elevator button then use number on the wallet 1292 to unlock door

3. Pick up crowbar on the floor, use to open board ( tap board several times).

4. Tap 4 red button on the wall and floor, don’t touch green light

5. Sum all number on the wall : 3100

6. Tilt your phone and tap 4 red button it will change into green

7. Pick up cog wheel on the floor use it on left wall from top : left, left, right,left, left and the right wall from top : right, left, right

8. Tap floor then pick up piece of paper see clue  then arrange the puzzle on floor to make a square.

9. See number on the door that’s 97463 use this number to open door.

10. Pick up hammer then use it to break glass window, then hit all insect before it bite you.

Escape from tower have more than 10 level but we just complete 10 level and will be updated after we can solve higher level, This game created with a good design and navigation if you play this game using galaxy tab or smart phone with good specification this game will played smooth and without lag.

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