Escape Death Room - Hardest Escape Walkthrough

Escape death room walkthrough for iphone, ipod and ipad user, this is another impressive game by kun wang a smart puzzle game developer, escape death room only has one level but don’t worry this is not an easy or short puzzle game. This game will challenge you to find a way to go out, just like the title this game is hard but we can solve it and create the step by step guide for new player that confuse with this puzzle game. I want to post a video guide to make it simple but i don’t know the best screen recorder for my ipod 5.

pick up wheel, then put inside window

go right

pick up key and move lever

pick up wheel

pick up box and see clue

change the symbol

pick up box and pick up paper inside cabinet

change switch position same with clue, pick up mask

use key

pick up another key

use key to open safe, pick up new key

use key to open box and pick up card

put box into square

insert card

pick up box

open box and pick up 3rd mask

use wheel

pick up paper clue

tap colored corner same with the clue

remember this clue

set the red position same with clue, then pick up 4th mask

tap the button same with the clue (when tap each button you must hear a sound, if no sound then restart tap)

pick up container

tap button in container left right left right right left then pick up light

put light into cabinet

remember the clue

use clue to open box, then pick up red present

forgetting something here, pick up green box and open it

pick up pot

use pot to watering start from bottom left

remember the clue

set the bar position same with clue

pick up knife

open box using knife

pick up key

open gate using last key.

you win the game, try another great game by this developer named Alice room 1

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