Escape Challenge Walkthrough level 1 2 3 4 5

Escape challenge walkthrough for level 1 2 3 4 5 this game available for free at apple apps store, you can play this game using iPhone, ipad and ipod touch 4 generation. If you ever play game like doors&rooms, 100 doors 2013 or other escape game you will love this game because it’s very challenging and simple, but if you can solve some level in this game we already create escape challenge walkthrough use this to help you complete all level.

open cabinet pick up piece paperuse this number to open upper cabinet
pick up flash lightsee painting for next clue
use flashlight under sofapick up a key and use it to open door

Level 1

tap paintingpick up green stone
see clock show 02:35tap cabinet use 0235 to open pick up key
use key to open cabinetpick up yellow stone
remember this numbertap small cabinet
tap each block correspond to the numberpick up square stone
put stone at cabinetpick up key and use it to open door

Level 2

tap deskremember number blue = 4
pick up screwdriver remember 5 greentap middle shelf
remember 3 yellowsee vase 2 red
open egg using screwdriveropen case using previous number 5243
pick up keyopen cabinet using gold key
open floor using another black keypick up gold key
use gold key to open moneyboxpick up blue key, use it to open door

Level 3

move car pick up trianglepick up pliers
upper square is 12*14 = 168pick up usb stick
use usb to open cabinetpick up hook
tap under tableuse hook
tap box, use pliers to cut wire and pick up keyuse key to open cabinet
pick up 2nd triangleput triangle
pick up remoteuse remote to open, pick up key and use to open door

Level 4

complete the puzzle and open boxpick up 1st egg
change eye same with preview, pick up keyuse key to open pyramid
pick up 2nd eggd = 1, u = 3, o = 6, v = 4
resultpick up 3rd egg
put egg here and tap leverpick up key and use open door.

Level 5

Escape challenge walkthrough all level completed, if you need other level walkthrough / solutions or cheats please leave message at our facebook page.

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