Escape Cafe Walkthrough

Escape cafe – testing whether you are a genius walkthrough a challenging puzzle game by kun wang. This game only available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch with iOS 6.1 or higher, this logic game only has one room to play but it’s not easy many tricks and puzzle in this game, it took more than 15 minutes to solve all puzzle in this game but still fun. There’s no bug or glitch we found while playing this game as you know many puzzle game crash or stop in the middle game play caused by ads it’s very annoying. This escape café cheats useful for new puzzle game player which confuse with the clue but still curious with the solution.

tap to see clue 1 & 5 at same square, 2 & 3 at same square, 4 & 7 at same square, 8 & 6 at same square  

tap button follow the clue : TL, TR, TR, BL, TL, BR, BL, BR ( TL = Top Left), pick up candle 

tap hint to see clue, remember the black tiles position from right to left : B T M T B M B T ( B T M : bottom top middle)

use clue to open cabinet : B T M T B M B T  

pick up white candle 

this is the clue sequence : cup = 1, glass = 3, squares = 2  

cup number = 2, squares = 7 

glass number = 8, tap right cabinet 

open using code : cup, squares, glass / 278 then pick up black candle 

tap hint, pick up menu from table 

see roll direction and lines in each plate : yellow left & line, green right & stripes, brown right & dots, count total lines, stripes & dots at right side of menu 

Lines left 7 times, stripes right 6 times, dots right 3 times  

pick up scissors and use to cut each candle wick  

cut candle wick 

see clue under the table, then put candle at the wall

put candle then tap left cabinet 

tap button same with candle position : stipe, white, stripe, black, white, black 

pick up key and lighter

use key to open container 

se the clue ( red 4 circle to the goal, blue 2 circle, green 9 circle,  yellow 8 circle 

use code 4298 to open panel at the wall 

tap the horn, lit the candle 

see clue outside cafe 

out to in : circle, circle, triangle, triangle, circle, triangle (circle left, triangle right : see above candle) 

open right chair container by tap button : L L R R L R ( L = left, R = right ) 

pick up key

see each candle position left : 1 2 3 right 2 3 1 

use key to open panel beside door

tap button according to candles height : 123 231. open door.

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