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This is our escape action walkthrough for level 51 to 60 this post useful for a gamer which cannot found a clue or cannot understand the game so they stuck and need this guide, the purpose of this game is to solve the puzzle with very little clue and not all player experience with it so we just want to help other player win or know the solutions after they give up but still want to play.

level 51. tap watering can 2-3 times until you get a ball, slide cabinet up and pick up spring, now put spring and ball under the handle (small ball) now slide the spring down then release, ball will hit the handle.

level 52. slide rope down and then blow the fan until it’s gone then pick up a knife use knife to cut the ball rope after ball fall tilt your phone left.

level 53. create same line at the red line but don’t trough line twice (see the step by step at the picture).

level 54. touch or slide the handle then slide all rectangle to top left cage, circle to top right, square to bottom left, triangle to bottom right.

level 55. in this level you must find the similar picture, to make it fast put your android on desk then use 4 finger to tap each stone quickly.

level 56. find the piece of paper on the secret drawer at floor or ceiling, the clue means slide flower in the middle cross: right, down, up, left. when you slide color will change.

level 57. pick up broom, then tap paper then pick up cloth under the paper. use broom to hit spider until its gone then use cloth to clean the door from web.

level 58. M – 1 = L (left), S – 1 = R ( right ), N – 1 = M (middle) now move the slider from top to bottom : left, right, middle then tap the button.

level 59. slide left cog wheel to right then blow the fan until it’s gone.

level 60. tap cog wheel from smallest to largest, put your finger above the cog before it’s start,but if you need more time? find our cheats for level 25 or 26.

Escape action level 71 and higher will be available after developer update this game we hope still in this month so we can solve it and share the walkthrough here. Please rate the game  to support developer.

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