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More level for escape action walkthrough now we reach level 50, be careful this game can make you addicted in last three days we just play this game and still continue every level getting hard and harder not only smart to play this game you must have good speed to slide, tap, and rub the screen but if you cannot complete a fast game we have trick to get lot coins and used to stop the time, this trick already posted at level 26.

level 41. rub / slide the map to see the note ( tap drum 2 three times, drum 4 one time, drum 1 two times, drum 3 one time, drum 1 one time ).

level 42. set clock same with your phone time.

level 43. count the difference on top picture and bottom picture : top 2, bottom 3 set this number beside the door then press right button.

level 44. slide the leaves to remove it then tap the button according to the flower amount with same color ( yellow 1 time, red 1 time, green 1 time , cyan 3 times ).

level 45. this level just like fruit ninja game slice wood fast and avoid the cog wheel, if you can’t solve this level use our cheats for level 25.

level 46. tap the map then arrange the puzzle, tap globe twice to pick the missing part of the map.

level 47. tap the color gradation from the top left button to top right button above door ( every device got different color).

level 48. count each cog turn then insert the number according to the color : red 3, yellow 3, cyan 4, green 4.

level 49. tap the torch then tap drum same with the clue (dot) : first drum 2 times, second drum 3 times, third drum 1 time.

level 50. catch the animal with board ( slide it ) but avoid the fan. if you can’t solve this level use the date clock cheats which already used for level 25.

If you love this game please share it with others, more gamer know this game will be better for the developer and us because we can share the result or help other solve a difficult puzzles. Join our android and ios game community at levelstuck facebook page to get more help.

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