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A Escape action walkthrough from level 1 to level 25 this is the easiest way to win a puzzles game when you stuck, this free game available for free at android market and already downloaded more than 10.000 times so we assume that lot player will need a guide to solve this game because we can’t found a cheats for escape action at the market so we decide to create it in this web.

level 1. rub the door.

level 2. slide window up.

level 3. slide square board on the floor left then touch a button inside to move it to the wall then tap it again.

level 4. shake your phone then button fall, touch the button once to move it to the wall then touch button again.

level 5. slide all ghost into the middle (pumpkin) faster will be better.

level 6. change the number on the door to  915 ( clue on the floor ).

level 7. shake your device to make wood falling.

level 8. if A =5 then f= 10 d = 8 and b = 6 so the answers is 10 8 6 ( clue at bottom right green board ).

level 9. pick up hand on the floor then use it to hit a head above the door repeat 4 times until door open.

level 10. slide hammer to another to make one big hammer as fast as you can.

level 11. tap each triangle to make the long side facing fan.

level 12. tilt phone left then shake to open top cabinet, then pick up key and use to unlock the door.

level 13. 7 + 2 + 2 = 11, change symbol to plus.

level 14. arrange the simple puzzle.

level 15. put your phone on the desk then tap square using all your finger.

level 16. you must keep the square horizontal at least 8 second.

level 17. top row : 389, middle row : 541, bottom row : 627 ( tap square from 1 to 9 ).

level 18. set the big clock to 02:30 then tap top left clock, set the big clock to 06:15 then tap top right clock, do the same with the rest.

level 19. put panda into china cage, kangaroo into Australia cage, elephant into Thailand cage, and cobra into the rest.

level 20. use you left finger to shot and right finger to change direction, start from the left pumpkin first.

level 21. tap pumpkin then quickly tap all ghost.

level 22. set volume down.

level 23. tilt phone to make X symbol using compass.

level 24. insert the ball to hole, start from 1 to 4.

level 25. connect each dot with same color longer is better, do it several times until you reach minimum requirement.

Escape action walkthrough will be continue in other post, so don’t worry we will continue help you solve this game just find other cheats in

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