Escape Action Level 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Yesterday we just complete escape action from level 1 to 25 those level are easy but if you can’t solve level 25 in 20 second? here’s the trick: go to menu if available claim your daily bonus first, then close apps ( kill from the task ) now set the time 23 hours forward, example if now 10-12-2013 and time 08:00 change to 11-12-2013 and time 07:00, start the escape action again and claim your daily bonus repeat this trick 4-5 times until you have 100 coins, after you reach 100 coins use it at level 25 to stop the time and you can connect all dots easily.

level 26. tap the apple button, then slide down the rope, tap red apple, tap face button and tap doll face, tap clock button then tap left clock, tap bottom clock, tap top right clock, tap apple button twice, tap face button once, tap clock button three times.

level 27. slide rope down 5-6 times to make ball hit the door.

level 28. slide top right ceiling, slide banana to the gorilla.

level 29. tap 1st button, 3rd button and 6th button.

level 30. to clean the web faster put your phone on desk then wipe with left and right finger.

level 31. to make scale balance : tap smile face button 2 times, then tap apple button 1 time.

level 32. create a big hammer using black square in the door (just like letter T but have double lines at top).

level 33. pick up knife then use to cut X lines on the wall, repeat 7-8 times until it’s open.

level 34. touch and hold the stone until all green light on.

level 35. there’s number behind the ball, now move the ball to the hole with same number.

level 36. pick up all orange ball, tap ball one by one at your inventory then tilt phone right and wait 3 second.

level 37. object at same line must be same picture (apple one line with apple, face with face etc) tap to change picture.

level 38. tap left button from the lowest position in picture : boat, man, home, cloud.

level 39. raise volume button 3 times, then lower volume 2 times.

level 40. put your android on desk then tap leaves with 6-8 finger quickly.

we hope you can solve all level in escape action, especially level 40 because this level need more passion and speed, if we found a new trick to solve this level easily we will post it in other page.

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