ESCAPE 130XES Walkthrough Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Escape 130xes walkthrough level 1 to 40 an addicting open box game created by gameday, just like the other similar game we will start with easy step then it’s getting hard and harder so we hope this walkthrough could help you solve every level that makes you stuck. We consider to create an video walkthrough to make it easier to understand but maybe it will uploaded in next few hour, but now use this escape boxes cheats text version.

escape 130xes level 1: tap handle

escape 130xes level 2: slide handle down

escape 130xes level 3: slide 2 handle down at same time

escape 130xes level 4: rotate handle follow arrow

escape 130xes level 5: slide handle down then rotate wheel

escape 130xes level 6: tap hint then insert 2014 as the code

escape 130xes level 7: loose the latch

escape 130xes level 8: slide left

escape 130xes level 9: insert the code 3103

escape 130xes level 10: turn right to 5, turn left to 3, turn right to 7, turn left to 3

escape 130xes level 11: tap all number / hash tag at the red line

escape 130xes level 12: tap and hold about 13 second then release

escape 130xes level 13: tap left button until you hear different tone,  tap right button until you hear different tone, tap left button until you hear different tone, tap right button until you hear different tone

escape 130xes level 14: set number to 7777

escape 130xes level 15: move the square until same with preview above

escape 130xes level 16: tap coins from 1 to 5

escape 130xes level 17: slide from number 1 to 14

escape 130xes level 18: complete the Egypt puzzle

escape 130xes level 13: tap symbol in the red line ( small one is the pattern )

escape 130xes level 20: slide symbol to make it match with symbol at crown

Escape 130xes level 21 to 40 available at page 2

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