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Need a doors and rooms solution for chapter 2? this is it, we just complete this chapter a little bit late but it’s ok we just want to share the easier doors and rooms walkthrough, because i know the other walkthrough is not easy to understand, may be they just rewrite walkthrough from YouTube  or other webs walkthrough and they didn’t really play the game and just want to get visitor from creating game walkthrough. I play this game on my Samsung Galaxy mini no error or bug when played using my phone, this game so smooth when played in my old android phone.

Stage 2-1: Tap the button try all combination until the word open show

Stage 2-2: Tap the red button 24 times, clue from calendar

Stage 2-3: Tap handle bar until you get 3 key

Stage 2-4: turn off blue button you will see the missing line, when combined the number is 2735

Stage 2-5: Open your inventory use key to open

Stage 2-6:The answer is 5293, clue is above the door tap it and tilt your phone right

Stage 2-7: Tap the bell start from 1 to 7, clue is on the door just follow the musical notes

Stage 2-8: will found a lot coin here and you must try it one by one to get the right number, but don’t worry we already try and the right number is 1953.

Stage 2-9: in this level you must tap when the timer at 3.0, my trick is count from 1 to 8 then tap stop, you need to try this several times until you can tap at the right time.

Stage 2-10: to make this balance at left side 3 and 5 and right side 1, 2 and 4

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