Dooors Walkthrough level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Dooors just updated few day a go, this is a good news for us because we already waiting for this update since a long time a go. we play Dooors because this game is simple and addicting not like other puzzle game that makes me frustrate because i can’t find any clue or the answer is too hard to find, but in Dooors i guarantee you will always can go through all level if you really patient, but if you can’t just read our walkthrough and you can continue to higher level quickly.

Dooors walkthrough level 51:use hook at top left to remove Barricade Tape.

Dooors walkthrough level 52: Use flashlight to see clue above door, tap drawers like preview above.

Dooors walkthrough level 53:Shake your phone until eye open then tilt your phone until arrow direction same with eye hold few second until all green light up.

Dooors walkthrough level 54: move the right plant pick up a hammer and use it hit barrel, move circle wood you will found a key use it to open doors.

Dooors walkthrough level 55: Use flashlight to see clue above door. pull lever left side: up, down, up right side:up, up down ( see preview above).

Dooors walkthrough level 56: use hammer hit all popup man until all lights green.

Dooors walkthrough level 57: burn grass with matches, pick up gun shoot the wooden board clamp, tap door

Dooors walkthrough level 58: Tap all green dots, then tap door, the clue is 7 star.

Dooors walkthrough level 59: shoot the rope above target, rotate your phone clockwise.

Dooors walkthrough level 60: Shoot all balloons, shoot all hinges, use hammer hit the nails until same with the preview above. 0 1 2 1 1 0  tap door.


all walkthrough update for the Dooors, just finish today hope this can make you satisfied, please share this page with your Facebook friends or tweet this page to help us grow.

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