Destroy Ghost Mansion Walkthrough

Destroy ghost mansion walkthrough can help you complete this addicting puzzle game until the mansion destroyed, when play this game I feel like play first version resident evil in a simple mode, but now you not fight against a zombie but ghost and creature. If you feel ever play a game similar with destroy ghost mansion you’re right this is re-skin game that few month a go available for android / iOS with different name and I’m forget the first name. Our walkthrough using captured screen not a video to save your bandwidth and resource, we hope you can complete this game using this cheats.

pick up Pickaxe

use Pickaxe to get a key

razor blade & pincers

use pincers & razor blade

open safe, use ladder to go up & pick up shot gun and hook go down use key open door

shot the creature, pick up chair and straw

dismantle chair, go up

use tube to freeze skeleton

use locksmith

pick up bulb & paper, insert tape

fix wire and pick up stone, tap lever, combine hook & stone

put straw, plank, stone to burn fireplace

lit on candle & dismantle

put candle at shelf, pick up cog and clue

open safe using clue

get a key and alarm clock, pick up few thing in book shelf

go up, pick up few object

combine shotgun and bullet,

shot wolf, tap clock see clue and get a half key,

open drawer using code 1010 (time) pick up some object

use hammer to break vase, pick up dagger

pick up other half key then combine

fix puzzle then open using star key

use dagger and pick up diamond

pick up ladder

use ladder to go up, combine crossbow and arrow use to shot

get a clue and use it

pick up other diamond and clue

put all cog wheel into small door

use candle

tap mirror

tap x brick until fall

go inside brick

pick up book at chair

tap light & see clue at door, open safe at floor, get skull

put skull into fire

put ladder

open door using key get diamond, back to wolf room 

put bulb, pick up bottle, insert code 351104 to open safe

fill bottle with water, use water to turn off fire

pick up cross and put diamonds

pick up book, tap shelf

insert book, go up and use cross

open drawer using clue then pick up wire

tap left up arrow, pick up lamp

use sword, put stick

go down put lamp

pick up hammer then break wall

combine wire and alarm then put at dynamite

quickly go out of the mansion.

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