Crossword Quiz 90's Answers

Answers crossword quiz game for the 90’s category level 1 – 10, the most challenging crossword game in this week for android and iphone. This game built by random logic game a famous game developer for mobile device which also create guess the emoji game. Cheats for crossword quiz 90’s answers created by our team to help other player continue play the game when they’re stuck.

Crossword Quiz 90’s Answers

Level 1
number: 1 hints: picture answers: BABE
number: 1 hints: This singer songwriter released The River of Dreams single in 1993 answers: BILLY JOEL
number: 2 hints: picture answers: BUSH
number: 3 hints: This cartoon about babies contains characters like Angelica Tommy & Chucky answers: RUGRATS
number: 4 hints: picture answers: LASER TAG
number: 5 hints: This character is the main love interest to the protagonist in Boy Meets World answers: TOPANGA
number: 6 hints: picture answers: PDA
number: 7 hints: An object-oriented programming language whose logo is a coffee mug answers: JAVA
number: 8 hints: The first CGI animated film by DreamWorks about a bug answers: ANTZ
number: 9 hints: A TV series about Oswald State Correctional Facility answers: OZ
number: 10 hints: An American rapper known for his hit single Hate Me Now answers: NAS
number: 11 hints: An urban fashion boot & athletic brand by Jack Schwartz Shoe Company  answers: LUGZ
number: 12 hints: An Irish rock band known for lead singer Bono answers: U2
number: 13 hints: picture answers: AIM

Level 2
number: 1 hints: An animated TV series on MTV about a smart antisocial teenage girl answers: DARIA
number: 2 hints: A wise meerkat who is known for claiming Pumbaa’s ideas as his own answers: TIMON
number: 2 hints: picture answers: THE MATRIX
number: 3 hints: The fictional matriarch of The Addams Family & the wife of Gomez Addams answers: MORTICIA
number: 4 hints: picture answers: ROSE
number: 5 hints: An American rock band whose name means Rapid Eye Movement answers: REM
number: 6 hints: This actor is known for movies such as Scent of a Woman & The Devil’s Advocate answers: AL PACINO
number: 7 hints: This American brand is well known for their sunglasses answers: OAKLEY
number: 8 hints: Best-selling female music artist who is nicknamed the Goddess of Pop answers: CHER
number: 8 hints: picture answers: CAKE
number: 9 hints: Previously known as America Online answers: AOL
number: 10 hints: A construction toy system like Lego but uses rods & connectors answers: KNEX
number: 11 hints: This character is the owner of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story answers: ANDY

Level 3
number: 1 hints: This company was the king of web search before Google answers: YAHOO
number: 2 hints: A purple & green dinosaur who comes to life through a child’s imagination answers: BARNEY
number: 2 hints: This R&B group’s number one single was End of the Road  answers: BOYZ II MEN
number: 3 hints: This TV show was one of the first to showcase an average American family answers: ROSEANNE
number: 4 hints: picture answers: SMS
number: 5 hints: picture answers: OUIJA
number: 6 hints: A medical drama TV series follows the events of an emergency room answers: ER
number: 6 hints: A famous white rapper known for the album Slim Shady answers: EMINEM
number: 7 hints: Movie about a board game that has real life consequences answers: JUMANJI
number: 7 hints: The short name for this former child star from Home Improvement answers: JTT
number: 8 hints: picture answers: TMNT
number: 9 hints: picture answers: HTML

Level 4
number: 1 hints: This character is portrayed by Jennie Garth on the hit TV Show 90210 answers: KELLY
number: 2 hints: A search engine and web portal spun out of Carnegie Mellon University answers: LYCOS
number: 3 hints: This Brooklyn-based rapper had many 9pictures hits & continues to influence hip-hop answers: JAY Z
number: 3 hints: This character is played by Joey Lawrence on the TV show Blossom answers: JOEY RUSSO
number: 4 hints: A voice recording toy that can record a brief sound & then replay it answers: YAKBAK
number: 5 hints: Black & white comedy film featuring Jay & Silent Bob answers: CLERKS
number: 6 hints: This band is best known for their hit song Summer Girls released in 1999 answers: LFO
number: 7 hints: picture answers: SCREAM
number: 8 hints: picture answers: HOLES
number: 8 hints: picture answers: HEAT
number: 9 hints: picture answers: DOOM
number: 10 hints: This artist is best known for his Grammy winning hit single Gangsta’s Paradise answers: COOLIO

Level 5
number: 1 hints: picture answers: VESPA
number: 2 hints: A girl group consisting of T-boz Left Eye & Chilli answers: TLC
number: 2 hints: Arnold played this character in two movies the original and its 90s sequel answers: TERMINATOR
number: 3 hints: This rapper’s real name is Mason Durell Betha answers: MASE
number: 4 hints: This band is best known for their popular hit Barbie Girl answers: AQUA
number: 5 hints: A citrus flavored soft drink developed by Coca Cola with a green & red logo answers: SURGE
number: 6 hints: A character in Star Trek: The Next Generation portrayed by Brent Spiner answers: DATA
number: 6 hints: This character fantasizes that he is a superhero named Quailman answers: DOUG
number: 7 hints: An instant messaging program whose name stands for I Seek You answers: ICQ
number: 8 hints: picture answers: SEAL
number: 9 hints: Nickelodeon’s most popular squishable & stretchable toy answers: GAK
number: 10 hints: picture answers: DVD
number: 11 hints: picture answers: CALLER ID

Level 6
number: 1 hints: picture answers: SONIC
number: 2 hints: This character is portrayed by Joshua Jackson on the 9pictures drama Dawson’s Creek  answers: PACEY
number: 2 hints: This singer’s single was the theme song for the TV Show Dawson’s Creek answers: PAULA COLE
number: 3 hints: A fashion label that produces colorful knitwear first founded as Cuggi answers: COOGI
number: 4 hints: This character played by Lucy Lawless first appeared in Hercules answers: XENA
number: 5 hints: This character really knows how to explain it all! answers: CLARISSA
number: 6 hints: picture answers: SKIP IT
number: 7 hints: picture answers: MOOD RING
number: 7 hints: This classic puzzle game from Cyan started a new genre answers: MYST
number: 8 hints: This character was Jerry’s ex-girlfriend & later his best friend answers: ELAINE

Level 7
number: 1 hints: picture answers: BLUE
number: 1 hints: This American singer is known for his hit 9pictures song titled Loser answers: BECK
number: 2 hints: This mononynm’d singer became popular after the release of his 2nd album My Way answers: USHER
number: 3 hints: A TV series about a former Navy pilot & his fellow lawyers  answers: JAG
number: 3 hints: He won the 1st Wanna Be a VJ contest on MTV answers: JESSE CAMP
number: 4 hints: picture answers: GENIE
number: 5 hints: A pop band formed by brothers Isaac Taylor & Zac answers: HANSON
number: 6 hints: Founder of Aftermath Entertainment & Beats Electronics answers: DR DRE
number: 7 hints: picture answers: DR EVIL
number: 8 hints: This very 9pictures TV show starred Lorenzo Lamas as an officer framed for a murder answers: RENEGADE
number: 9 hints: picture answers: KID PIX

Level 8
number: 1 hints: picture answers: EXTREME
number: 2 hints: This singers biggest US hit was  A Sorta Fairytale answers: TORI AMOS
number: 3 hints: A lightweight 2 seater roadster manufactured by Mazda answers: MIATA
number: 4 hints: The game series that spawned the uber popular WoW MMO answers: WARCRAFT
number: 4 hints: picture answers: WISHBONE
number: 5 hints: Supernatural thriller film about 4 teenage girls that practice black magic answers: THE CRAFT
number: 6 hints: picture answers: STARGATE
number: 7 hints: Fictional superhero & the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series answers: GOKU
number: 8 hints: An Icelandic singer-songwriter known for her single  It’s Oh So Quiet answers: BJORK
number: 9 hints: Rapper singer & songwriter known for his single  What’s It Like answers: EVERLAST

Level 9
number: 1 hints: A Nickelodeon action sports competition hosted by Mike O’Malley answers: GUTS
number: 1 hints: A comedy film about a fast food restaurant starring Kenan & Kel answers: GOOD BURGER
number: 2 hints: picture answers: STING
number: 3 hints: Company known for making ultra wide denim jeans answers: JNCO
number: 4 hints: A foreign exchange student & love interest of Jim in the film American Pie answers: NADIA
number: 5 hints: One of the albums of this band is (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? answers: OASIS
number: 6 hints: The main protagonist of The Lion King answers: SIMBA
number: 7 hints: Lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage marketed as a beer alternative answers: ZIMA
number: 8 hints: This disc-based fad game was popular in schools across North America answers: POGS
number: 9 hints: picture answers: GHOST
number: 10 hints: The flamboyant lead singer of the iconic band Guns N’ Roses answers: AXL ROSE

Level 10
number: 1 hints: picture answers: DEADMAN
number: 2 hints: picture answers: DRAGON FLYZ
number: 3 hints: This comedian rose to stardom thanks to his many hit movies in the 9pictures answers: JIM CARREY
number: 4 hints: picture answers: SLASH
number: 5 hints: This Shakespeare play was adapted to a movie by acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh answers: HAMLET
number: 6 hints: This phone manufacturer is now known primarily for making indestructible phones answers: NOKIA
number: 7 hints: A talking head from the TV game show Legends of the Hidden Temple answers: OLMEC
number: 8 hints: A nu metal band fronted by Jonathan Davis answers: KORN
number: 9 hints: A character from TV show Saved by the Bell played by Mario Lopez answers: AC SLATER
number: 10 hints: This band’s lead vocalist and lead guitarist is Rivers Cuomo answers: WEEZER

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