Cinemarama Guess the Movie Answers

Cinemarama guess the movie answers for the category : the most famous movies, super dudes, game based movie. Do you think you know lot good movies around the world you can proof it with this game, if you can complete this game without using this answers or solutions then you’re smart movie watcher because you know most box office movies.


Category : the most famous movies

man sit at garden chair: Forrest Gumphypnotist : the lord of the ringman black suit green background: matrixman use hat and have claw : a nightmare on elm street
man and woman dance : pulp fictionboxing : rockyman use mask : the silence of the lambsblue body long hair : avatar
man use dark glasses and hold shotgun : the terminatorman hug woman : titanic

Category : Super Dudes

man use suit and sword : bladehelmet and shield : captain Americablack robe and mask : batman1 girl 3 man : fantastic four
red body with thorn : hellboyman silhouette and shadow : incredible hulkrobot red background : iron manhanging at window : Spiderman
flying with robe : supermanblack suit use hat: watchmen

Category : Game Based Movie

man use army cap : street fighterman use wheelchair : doombald man hold two hand gun : hitmanplumber red and green background : super mario bros
man in rain : max payneninja fight kung fu : mortal kombatman shot dog : postalwarrior hold sword : prince of persia
woman hold machine gun : resident evilperson hold big sword and mask : silent hill

Cinemarama guess the movie cheats for three category completed, to win this game is easy just tap any letter if you lucky tap right letter then you can guess the rest of letters or try tap other letters.

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