Christmas PICS Quiz Answers Level 1 to 20

Christmas pics quiz answers level 1 to 20 we just curious with this game, so we just try and complete more than 20 level, this is simple game you can play it while watching TV, waiting a bus, train and many more because with a simple and challenging game you can kill the time anywhere when you bored, below is the complete solutions when you stuck at the first 20 level.

1 : cake2 : bells3 : tree4 : star
5 : santa6 : stamps7 : presents8 : nuts
9 : snowman10 : sack11 : cookie12 : angels
13 : smoked salmon14 : robin15 : wrapping paper16 : glazed ham
17 : brussel sprouts18 : selection pack19 : elf20 : stuffing balls

we hope you can solve more level than our result and share with other player, just post your answers at our facebook fanpage and help other find their solutions.

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