90’s Quiz ~ Guess the 90s Answers Pack 4

Did you use all your hints for 90s quiz  ~ guess the 90s game? then you should buy  some credits to use it in next level, how to buy a credits / hints for a game is simple just click the hints button then this game will redirect to a specific url in your browser, you can pay 90s quiz hints using credit card but in some case we prefer to buy using paypal or google checkout. The problem is not all player have a credit cards or even bank account and they still want to play this game so this player will find a cheats or answers like we usually post in this website, we hope some people understand why we create a cheats or answer for a brain teaser game.

1 : music 14 letters : michael jackson2 : tv blue red green eyes 14 letters : powerpuff girls3 : character men 8 letters : chandler4 : tv & movies dog on the fence 9 letters : beethoven
5 : celebrity dark skin straight hair 13 letters : naomi campbell6 : character man hands inside pants 7 letters : al bundy7 : music 4 person 1 girl 4 letters : aqua8 : tv & movies rose at the belly button 16 letters : american beauty
9 : brand green flower 3 letters : icq10 : tv girl sit on table 10 letters : ally mcbeal11 : character lion cub 5 letters : simba12 : music 3 person 1 woman 6 letters : fugees
13 : tv & movies orange and blue suit 13 letters : dumb and dumber14 : character old man using eyeglass 6 letters : george15 : video games plumber 5 letters : mario16 : music male singer 10 letters : vanilla ice
17 : technology computer network 8 letters : internet18 : tv & movies will smith 10 letters : men in black19 : character tmnt trident 7 letters : raphael20 : celebrity female 13 letters : brooke shields
21 : character the simpsons kid 4 letters : bart22 : technology music player 9 letters : mp3 player23 : sport football brazil 7 letters : ronaldo24 : brand domain com 9 6 letters : amazon
25 : music male rapper 8 letters : mc hammer

90’s Quiz Guess the 90s pack 4 has been completed, pack 5 and 6 will be posted in different pages of this website, if you found a wrong answers or different picture show on your screen please send a message to our facebook fan pages we will investigate those glitch and help you to find the solutions if available.

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