90's Quiz ~ Guess the 90s Answers Pack 2

Continue with 90’s quiz guess the 90s Answers Pack 2, sometimes same game with modified concept can be better than the original version, just like this 90s quiz did you feel that this game betters than the original version? of course every player have their own opinion about this game but our team has to say that this game one step higher than the original guess the 90s and the reason is the cartoon picture is perfect and little bit difficult to cheating with the picture, so if you stuck and cannot solve a stage in pack 2 / level 2 just scroll down and see our answer.

1 : Brand M 3 letters : Mtv2 : Character male 90210  5 letters : Dylan3 : TV & Movies Whale 9 letters : Free Willy4 : Music band 3 man 1 girl 7 letters : No Doubt
5 : Technology cell phone 3 letters : SMS6 : Sport boxing 9 letters : Mike Tyson7 : TV racer colorful costume 12 letters : Power Rangers8 : Celebrity twins 10 letters : Olsen Twins
9 : Video Game red button 7 letters : Game Boy10 : Character orange hair big eye 6 letters : Dexter11 : Music male singer blond hair 10 letters : Kurt Cobain12 : Tv & Movies kids scared 9 letters : Home Alone
13 : TV couple with X background 9 letters : The X Files14 : Brand 4 letters : Ebay15 : Character curly hair 7 letters : Screech16 : Technology messaging 5 letters : Pager
17 : Celebrity woman brown hair 7 letters : Meg Ryan18 : TV & Movies lion and hog 11 letters : The Lion King19 : Toy keychain 10 letters : Tamagotchi20 : Music boy band 5 men 5 letters : NSYNC
21 : Video Game fight 12 letters : Mortal Kombat22 : TV 6 person 3 girl 3 man 7 letters : Friends23 : Brand with N logo 8 letters : Netscape24 : Celebrity Man black hair old 12 letters : Steven Seagal
25 : TV & Movies white mask 6 letters : Scream

Pack 2 90s Quiz completed, this game stages not  scrambled so every device has a same picture at same stages so if you want to use this cheats just find the level number.

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