4 Pics Answers by Gipnetix Games

Famous puzzles game developer which developed 100 doors of revenge and 100 doors 2013 just create a 4 pics game same with the other pics game you should guess the scrambled letters which related with the image. This 4 pics game is not difficult and i guess all player will easily complete each puzzles in this game but we create an answers to help if there any level make you stuck.

level 1: 4 letters attic, building, rooflevel 2: 5 letters park, pasture, sunsetlevel 3: 3 letters gun, top gun,
level 4: 5 letters sea eagle, dessert eaglelevel 5: 3 letters earlevel 6: 3 letters cap, hat
level 7: 5 letters room, beach, pool, receptionistlevel 8: 4 letters grass, dog, sunset, blindlevel 9: 6 letters dinosaur bones, statue, hall
level 10: 4 letters gate, time machinelevel 11: 5 letters, raspberry, red berry, hale berrylevel 12: 5 letters teacher, number, shape
level 13: 3 letters fly, zipper, manlevel 14: 3 letters house, old man, hand, treelevel 15: 4 letters flower, hand, v, dice 5
level 16: 6 letters coffee bean, coffee grinderlevel 17: 4 letters balllevel 18: 5 letters kinds, sheep, monkey, child
level 19: 4 letter fireplace, firefighter, gunlevel 20: 6 letters chimney, hole, roadlevel 21: 4 letters, woman, fox, peacock, mermaid
level 22: 3 letters cuplevel 23: 5 letters newspaper, reporter, machinelevel 24:  5 letters flowers, man, polar milk
level 25: 3 letter cat, sheep, girl,level 26: 6 letters orange, green square, parklevel 27: 6 letters yarn, t-shirt, cotton
level 28: 6 letters, Volkswagen, vw, beetlelevel 29: 4 letters woman, woman hat, girl drink coffeelevel 30: 4 letters ship, beach, yacht
level 31: 4 letters kissing, kiss,level 32: 5 letters moon, town, lightinglevel 33: 6 letters water, chemical,
level 34: 4 letters daffy, ducklevel 35: 4 letters mie, notes, road,level 36: 6 letters glass, magnifier, compass, google
level 37: 5 letters planet, earth, astronauts, galaxy level 38: 4 letters cloth, fabric, yarn, girl Japaneselevel 39: 6 letters Indian, helicopter
level 40: 5 letters pray, pastor, church, Makah

4 pics game by Gipnetix games absolutely fun game right, as their promises this game will have a lot puzzle to play and if you already complete all level just sit back and wait for new level added by the developer. If you like this answers please share it with you friends.

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