4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus Answers Level 1 – 2

This is the 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus answers for level 1 and 2 this game looks familiar if you ever play 4 pics 1 word but the differences  you do not have to see all picture if only with  picture you can guess the answer, because fewer images or clue that you use then you have opportunity to get more coins, coins useful if you have difficulty to find the answer then you can use coins to reveal a letter, remove a letter or get the full answer.

Level 1

stage 1: berry flower, santastage 2: grass, bed cover, bedstage 3: hedge, wallstage 4: egg, cake, dog, shoes
stage 5: beans, ship, flower, symbolstage 6: mapstage 7: land rover, farm, wallstage 8: us dollar, us flag,
stage 9: river, mud, lakestage 10: statue, car, mannequin, guitarstage 11: painting, man painting, girl paintingstage 12: dough, cooker, kitchen
stage 13: waterfall, land, flowerstage 14: dog, clay, dance, cow signstage 15: reward, card, hope, plantstage 16: fire, cooker ring,
stage 17: farm, land, cat, fruitsstage 18: hinges, hingestage 19: paprika, church, plant, bellstage 20: life preserver, bay watch, sea

Level 2

stage 1: cigarette, flower, perfume, dog shitstage 2: machine, grape, barrel, fruit and glassstage 3: sun glass, sun flower, sunstage 4: hole, anteater, flower
stage 5: tree house, orange, Christmas treestage 6: jewelry,  mushroom, treestage 7: sharpener, hair, shaverstage 8: beach, leaf, port, ship
stage 9: mount, rock, climbstage 10: snow, butter, ice,stage 11: Olympic, currency, flags, UNstage 12: car, fishing, rod
stage 13: fallen tree, root, tree,stage 14: lake, atm, stage 15: ball, basketball, wheel, score boardstage 16: lake, toy, miniature, car
stage 17: candle, light, hand bookstage 18: mushroom, crowd, bird cage stage 19: cat, handle, burn, bar, vat, kegstage 20: cctv, dog, ambulance, airplane

4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus answers complete until level 2, this game have so many addicting level we will created another solutions soon after we can complete level 3 and level 4. You can share your result at our Facebook page if you already play higher level than ours.

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