4 Pics 1 Word 2 Answers level 1 - 40

Emerging games just launch a new word game named 4 pics 1 word 2, this make us sure that they will not update the first version and just stop at that level, so if you already complete all puzzle at the first version i suggest you play this version rather than waiting a new level update from the developer. This is hints for help you complete this amazing word game.

level 1: 3 letters cat, bird, doglevel 2: 3 letters track, write, leopard, clawlevel 3: 5 letters, paint
level 4: 3 letters sun flower cup, bottlelevel 5: 5 letters building, hand, cell phonelevel 6: 4 letters snowman, snow
level 7: 6 letters car, flower, sponslevel 8: 5 letters branch, corona, womanlevel 9: 4 letters frame, bullet, tea, golf
level 10: 6 letters calipers, graduation, thermometerlevel 11: 5 letters child, notes, duck, pianolevel 12: 4 letters chair, cucumber, tomatoes, lemon
level 13: 6 letters money, card, bat, tennis balllevel 14:  5 letters apple, frog, grasslevel 15: 5 letters hall, court, sky
level 16: 5 letters love, jump golflevel 17: 7 letters coin, lemon, clocklevel 18: 8 letters mirror, mask, chameleon
level 19: 5 letters car wreck, cymbal, air plane, coinlevel 20: 5 letters, devil , scared, man dreadlockslevel 21: 4 letters santa hat, 1 candle
level 22: 5 letters love box, 12, starlevel 23: 6 letters horse, police line, siren, helicopterlevel 24: 4 letters burn, match, grinder, toast
level 25: 5 letters drain, bag, booklevel 26: 3 tomatoes, redhead, roselevel 27: 4 letters scale, eye glass, blueprint
level 28: 3 letters maplevel 29: 4 letters pen, book, notelevel 30: 5 letters girl face, hand, whispered
level 31: 4 letters camera, clamp, taking picturelevel 32: 5 letters up arrow, steps, card, womanlevel 33: 3 letter binoculars, man, woman
level 34: 5 letters skatelevel 35: 5 letters barbeque, coffee, level 36: 4 letters flowers, dot, piggy
level 37: 6 letters car light, train, sos, wavelevel 38: 5 letters cup, keyboard, cat, flowerlevel 39: 5 letters lion, bird, boxing
level 40: 6 letters book, roof, soccer, building

4 pics 1 word 2 answer for the higher level will be available in next few hour, please bookmark this page or share it with your friends using Facebook and twitter.

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