4 Pics 1 Song Answers Level 1 - 2

We just create 4 pics 1 song answers for level 1 and 2, in this game you must find the song title which related  to the picture show on the screen, this is very challenging if you know a lot of song title this game will be suitable for you, but you cannot hear the song in this game you must answers this game using 4 picture as a clue. Below is the solutions when you stuck at this game you can use this clue when you don’t have a coins to remove letters or add a letters.

Level 1

goat jeans : billie jeangirl, couple : call me maybegold, west : gold diggerice ice cream baby : ice ice baby
candy, coin : candy shopbird : blackbirdrocket, male : rocket manus flag, pie : American pie
card, face : poker facepiano, male : piano manjar, heart : jar of heartsfire, plane : fireflies
party, us flag : party in the USAclocksmilk, handshake : milkshakecoin, clothes : thrift shop

Level 2

free birdwine, glass : bubblyright, book : turn the pagedust, mop : dust in the wind
whale, bee , queen : killer queenshout : scream & shoutspotlightlemon, drinks : shots
running, sun : chasing the sunhall of famered, guitar, cup : red solo cupback, massage : hurt
heart, dance : beat itbaby, two, bee : born to be wildeye, paper : i will waitfarm, photographer : wide awake

4 pics 1 song solutions level 1 and 2 completed, our tips to win this game is simple, if the song title use two words find the object in the picture name then rearrange the remaining letters using anagram solver, this is not the best way to solve this game but that’s the way we find the answers if stuck in this game.

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