100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 27 and 28

100 rooms level 27 is my favorite level because in this game we must complete a wire puzzle to make a cable connected, and after you can solve the puzzle you can complete level 27 easily. Then when you complete with level 27 you will be confuse find a solution 100 rooms level 28 because there is very less clue on this level, what you need is mix an mysterious mixture used to open door.

100 rooms level 27 walkthrough: Pick a key on toolbox (1), use key open panel on the wall (2), then you must complete this wire puzzle (3), pick a cutter at the window (4) use it cut wallpaper beside panel (5), pick up a hand saw (6), press the red switch  (7.1) pick up hand saw blade then combine it with hand saw and use hand saw to open the door.


100 rooms level 28 walkthrough: go to table (1) pick up all glass beaker (2) (3), go to mixing machine (4) create this mix:

1. red + blue = green + yellow = sky blue + red = purple

2. red + blue = green + yellow = sky blue + purple = black

3. red + blue = green + yellow = sky blue + red = purple + black = White

4. red + blue = green + yellow = sky blue + red = purple

5. red + blue = green + yellow = sky blue + purple = black

6. white + black = mystery mix =  key to open door (6)

use the mystery mix to open rooms 28.

that’s walkthrough for 100 rooms level 27 and 28, you can get this game at Google play store for free, download from trusted source can avoid from malware, virus and keylogger.

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