100 Pix Quiz Answers Level 1 to 20

100 Pix Quiz : Guess What Pics answers for games category available for level 0 to 20 we found this game at google play market and itunes so this game can be played both in android or iphone. To play 100 pix is very simple if you choose game category the game will show a game picture then you should guess the game / toy name. This game have many category including : movie, logo, actor, celebrity, cartoon, singer, animal, food & loads more packs all in this 1 quiz. 100 pix have a lot benefit than other similar games like :

- The largest Picture Quiz in the World with over 1900+ Levels to solve, from Beginners to Experts !
- Many NEW quiz packs added weekly
- From the makers of the smash Hit app – What’s the Saying? – APPDREAMZ
- Easy to play: Choose a quiz pack, identify 100 Pictures, complete them all!
- Starts easy … gets real hard!
- Less pic revealed = More Score + Coins, simple game play!
- Join friends on Play Games Leader board & Earn Achievements+Badges, let the race begin to the top
- Post pics to ask your friends for help on Facebook and Twitter for FREE

Okay lets start the answers

0 : chess
1 : jump a rope : skipping2 : playing cards :uno3 : p3 w4 : scrabble4 : tic tac toe
5 : snake and dice : snakes & ladders6 : rubiks cube7 : crossword8 : stacking wood : jenga
9 : cards : solitaire10 : connect four11 : number : sudoku12 : dominoes
13 : darts14 : pool15 : jump sack : sack race16 : casino : roullete
17 : poker18 : elephant puzzle : jigsaw19 : monopoly20 : bingo

All level may be not at same position because all level are scrambled but you can use the picture as the keyword to find the correct answers

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