100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough Level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Our team just complete all level in this game and now we want to share our 100 inferno escape walkthrough for level 21 to 30, for puzzles game lover this game is easy to solve it just need a trial and error before you can understand the clue. But if you new in a android puzzle game may be this game will make you confuse and stop playing because don’t know how to play and no feel the chemistry when succeed solve a puzzle.

level 21: put candle on left shelf : from top to bottom 4 candles, 3 candles, 2 candles. right shelf from top to bottom : 1 candle, 2 candles, 3 candles.

level 22: pick up cloth on floor use it to clean finger scan on left side, then hold your finger on it until doors open.

level 23: slide door left or right to see the color pattern.

level 24: shake your phone to turn off fire, then tap head until it’s gone now tap the arrow: right, down, left, up.

level 25: tap the blue button several times until arrow point to 8.

level 26: count each circle in the object beside door for example top left = 7, top right = 6, then tap the door number match with the circle in the nearest object.

level 27: tilt your phone right until the golf bag fall, pick up golf stick and use to hit ball until in to the hole.

level 28: tap square on the door to make L symbol then tap arrow on bottom left, tap square on the door to make ⌐ symbol then tap arrow on bottom left, tap square on the door to make┌ symbol then tap arrow on bottom left, tap square on the door to make ┐ symbol then tap arrow on bottom left.

level 29: tap snow flakes on the door remember the color and bar size ( smallest to largest) the answer is: green, brown, blue, yellow, cyan, purple.

level 30: it’s just like a mirror but the reflection is the answers, match the clock with reflection.

100 inferno cheats will be updated, so please bookmark this website to get the latest guide to win all level in this game, share and rate this game to support our beloved game developer, more player is more fun.

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