100 Inferno Escape Walkthrough Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

100 Inferno escape walkthrough level 1 to 20, with this cheats you can win 20 level puzzles faster and try to complete until the highest level, this game is developed by 100 escape game a new escape game developer for android, but design and layout look alike 100 crypts, just like other puzzles game or brain teaser game lower level are the easiest part but then you will need to use your brain to solve each puzzle. But don’t worry we will help you solve all level in 100 inferno escape game.

level 1: tap elevator button.










level 2: move right vase and tap button.










level 3: tap the cyan star on floor then put at the door.

level 4: shake your device.

level 5: pick up hammer then use it to brake fire extinguisher box and use it to turn off fire

level 6: pick up hammer then hit all bottle at the shelf.

level 7: tap the fan, until you can pick a cuckoo bird, pick it and put on clock.

level 8: pick up broom then use it to hit fly ( 5-6 times until door open)

level 9: tap carpet then move it to blinking light at middle right.

level 10: put the marbles into circle but match the color.

level 11: move plant and pick up hammer then use it to hit door.

level 12: count the blue light and red light ( 9 and 8).

level 13: quickly more sun to top left door, and moo to right the door (shadow).

level 14: tap the tube red, yellow, green, blue (red : 3-2 = 1, yellow : 1+1 =2, etc)

level 15: set arrow to X

level 16: count each shape vertex ( top:5 6, bottom: 4 8).

level 17: insert fish into shark mouth : yellow, green, orange, purple blue.

level 18: tap the tire according to : motorcycle, truck, car, motorcycle : 2,6,4,2.

level 19: turn each shape on left same with left door and turn all right shape same with right door.

level 20: complete the picture puzzle to open door.

Cheats 100 inferno escape completed until today this game only available in android market for free, if you want to play this game in your device please download from trusted source like google play, be careful when download apps from untrusted source because sometimes it’s contains malware or virus. Please share this game and walkthrough to other gamers.

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