100 Floors World Tour Walkthrough Egypt Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Now we want to share the 100 floors world tour Egypt walkthrough starting from level 1 to 10, so if you stuck at a level in this set you can continue playing and try another country like Japan or US.

level 1: tilt phone right then pick up jar, use jar to pick up sand on the floor then use it to turn off fire on left then tap handle.

level 2: tilt phone to move cog, point the cog to red dot then tap the dot, repeat until 4 all symbol on.

level 3: pick up brush use it above 4 pigeon: now tap 1st pigeon, 3rd pigeon, 2nd pigeon, 4th pigeon.

level 4: exchange the symbol above door same with above preview.

level 5: move mummy coffin, fill the front hole, middle hole and rear hole.

level 6: pick up red ball now tap : blue, green, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, green , yellow.

level 7: 3 eye = 9  with a math you can found eye = 3, owl = 2, L = 5 and # = 4

level 8: pick up square stone on floor then put at empty slot, now tap red: eye,E,E,stickman,E,dog,E,dog,E, dog.

level 9: crate diamond shape and plus inside, then pick up blue ball. create reverse triangle then pick up yellow ball.

level 10: remove the ball from the line by placing same color balls or the combination ( remove orange = red + yellow) after all ball gone then put yellow, red, blue around the middle ball to combine it and tap the result.

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