100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 28 and 29

Update another 100 Escapers level 28 and 29, in this level we found some of unpredicted solution just like put piece of paper below door and then push key using stick just like detective :P, or exit from secret ladder inside baggage this level is very surprising me, you must try this level before use any walkthrough then you will be addicted to find solution in a puzzle game like 100 escapers. but if you stuck in this level see our walkthrough a while to get the clue here it is.

Level 28:

1. go to desk then pick up tape, scissor, and paper
2. go to window see cover below it, use scissor to open cover then use tape to the pipe
3. tap bottom right window pick up paper with number 8492  use this code to open safe
4. pick up spikes then go to heavy bag pickup boxing gloves
5. combine tape and spikes then combine it with boxing gloves
6. use boxing gloves to punch heavy bag then pick up key inside heavy bag
7. use this key open drawer on the desk pick up small stick
8. go to door put piece of paper at bottom then use the small stick on the keyhole then pick up paper again you will have a key, use this key to open door.

Level 29:

1. go to book shelf pick up small stone inside the box
2. use the stone to break car window, then tap it to go inside
3. tap white handle in the middle beside car seat to open car hood lock.
4. go outside car tap car hood pick up metal stick and battery
5. go to vending machine put the battery then go back inside car use metal stick to open dashboard and pick up coin
6. go to vending machine insert coin to the machine then tap red button it cover will open there is key, pick up the key
7. go to door use the key to open middle box and pick up baggage handle, go inside the car put baggage handle in the middle car seat the tap it.
8. go outside car then tap baggage you will found ladder inside, this is your way out.

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