100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 15 and 16

hello gamers, we just complete the 100 escapers level 16 and now we want to share with you walkthrough for level 15 and 16 this is not an easy level to pass you need a little bit luck to guess the plane type on the picture at desk, we use Google images to help find the plane name.

Level 15:

1. pick up large plate beside the door
2. go to sink cabinets pick up knife, grape, and lettuce on drawer
3. go to window and pick up turkey and apples
4. put turkey on the stove then put on the large plate
5. put lettuce and grape on plate then use knife to cut apples and put on plate
6. go to door tap it, then give the roast turkey to tiger
7. door open.

Level 16:

1. pick up bucket beside the door, pick up piece of paper below bucket
2. go to small table with plant pick up a cup of tea
3. go to sink then fill the bucket with water and put on the jar
4. count candy on jar separate by color: 3 green, 5 orange, 15 yellow
5. fill the bucket with water again then go to table with chemistry bottle put the water and cup of tea into chemistry bottle it will result a new chemistry bottle.
6. put the piece of paper into new chemistry bottle it will result 2 green dots and 3 yellow dots if summed with the green candy and yellow it becomes 5 green and 18 yellow
7. clue above the door shoe b52 plane so if combined with code B52 green 5 orange 5 yellow 18 = B525518
8. use this code to open the door B525518

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