100 Dreams – Room Escape Game Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

100 Dreams room escape game walkthrough for level 1 to 24 this game available at Google play store for free you can play 24 challenging level using tablet or cell phone, similar with doors game you must find how to open door there’s a lot trick to open each door, some trick is new we never found at other doors game so its completely fun.

level 1 : tap red switch then open door.

level 2 : rub the wall until you see door, then open door

level 3 : slide handle down then open door

level 4 : tab square panel at wall, pick up key and use to open door

level 5 : slide from the small rectangle to large until door size normal then open it

level 6 : tilt phone right until door move to the middle, then open

level 7 : move green square to grey area then open door

level 8 : slide handle to left until you hear a sound, then open door

level 9 : tap hole on floor then catch a key and use it to open door

level 10 : knock door several times until it open

level 11 : slide lamp above door, slide wire down to turn on light then open door

level 12 : tap red switch at same time, then open door

level 13 : move door part into the middle, then open door

level 14 : tilt phone upside down until door raise, then open it

level 15 : slide handle up do not release before you tap door

level 16 : tilt phone right until part of door move to the middle then hold it with your finger,
tilt phone left until 2nd part move to the middle tap it to open.

level 17 : tap red switch, then slide green bar right until full.

level 18 : slide arrow from top to bottom, key will fall and now slide wall from floor to arrow to show a door, use key to open door

level 19 : pick up green block tap it now tap red switch using right finger and tap black rectangle using left finger you will get a key, use it to open door

level 20 : tap door and pick up key, slide door up to fix door then open door using key

level 21 : pick up red yellow and green circle now tap it follow this sequence : red – orange – green – red – orange – red – orange – red – green – orange

level 22 : tap switch quickly from top left to bottom and then top right to bottom, use left and right finger to make it easier

level 23 : tilt phone right pick up hammer tap right square in inventory, tap door to open.

level 24 : tap number start from 1 to 4 then tap door.


100 dreams rooms escape walkthrough completed, this is the last level available to play in fist version you need to wait several weeks to play next level. Share this solutions with other player using Facebook or twitter its very appreciated.

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