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100 doors world of history walkthrough level 1 to 30, with this guide you can complete every level in this puzzle game easier, but I suggest you try to touch any suspicious thing before using this cheats, because sometimes I accidentally found the clue when try to tap random location in the screen. Many people love to play puzzle game but only few people that write their review or leave a rating for the game, so if you like the game please rate 5 star and leave a review, because it can help the developer reach more player.

level 1. tap stone

level 2. create a star

level 3. pick up torch, slide torch to fire then use to burn mummy

level 4. pick up costume & shoes then slide to the man

level 5. pick up plank and wood log, put log and plank in front of sphinx then touch plank tip, pick up nose then put on the face

level 6. pick up torch, use to burn bee, pick up jar then slide to bee hive, slide jar to bear

level 7. pick up dagger then use to open barrel, slide the symbol into mold, pick up key and use to open chest, pick up symbol then slide to right mold, shake phone until you can get shovel, use shovel to dig in front door, pick up symbol then slide into the last mold

level 8. pick up stone, use stone to hit right guard, pick up sword then use to attack left guard

level 9.slide to remove sand, pick up 2 dynamite put at the stone, pick up torch then use torch to burn dynamite

level 10. turn wheel until broken, pick up stick then use to hit sword, pick up sword then use to hit chain

level 11. pick up rope, then slide into camel, pick up whip and use to hit camel

level 12. you can make trap similar to letter L or Y

level 13. pick up mice, use to feed cat, touch the bell, pick up bowl, put at the bottom left

level 14. tilt phone right, then slide rope into bell, turn wheel, use key to open padlock

level 15. pick up handle, put at the left cog wheel, slide rope down, left and up until connect with cog, tap handle

level 16. tilt phone right to get a bucket, now you must catch 30 egg using bucket

level 17. slide coffin left and mummy right pick up cross symbol then put above door

level 18. find the match symbol

level 19. move stack to the right pole

level 20. tap rabbit, stone, branch, tap grass near man foot, then put stone and branch, shake your phone until pot falling, pick up pot then put above stone, insert rabbit into pot,
pick up torch then use to burn stone, pick up pot then slide to the man.

level 21. slide all button into square quickly

level 22. slide right sword man to the left quickly, make them fight until left sword man fall

level 23. pick up magnet and bucket, slide bucket into the rod, then slide magnet into bucket, move rod down to get key

level 24. tap button same with clue on the picture P = purple, R = red

level 25. pick up broom, pick up torch, then use broom to get jerry can, pick up tank then slide jerry can to the bush then burn with torch, repeat until all bush gone

level 26. slide bottle above stone then release, repeat until cracked, pick up the fraction the slide to light source, wait until all straw burned. pick up key then open padlock

level 27. tap & slide snow to make ball, put on the right, repeat it 3 times, then pick up all stuff that used to create snowman

level 28. move the match in circle to red line

level 29. tilt phone right to get pickaxe then use it to break stone

level 30. tap from smallest rectangle to biggest

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