100 Doors Walkthrough Level 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

Still play 100 doors game? this game just update few days a go and we create updated walkthrough for new level added, this game can be played on android or iOS but with different name doors x available for iOS version, and have same level.

level 74: tap grass, grasshopper, hamster, snake, owl, hawk

level 75:



level 76: enter this code 9012, the clue is beside the door triangle = 1 and triangle with line = 3

level 77: total number which facing each other


5           8          21        12

Level 78: the height mushroom 1 2 3 4 = 8426

Level 79: tap switch 1, switch 2 and brick 3

level 80: tap ADGFDCABEFBCF

this is update for 100 rooms, android version we will update next level tomorrow so bookmark our site to get the latest walkthrough update.

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