100 Doors Walkthrough Level 66 67 68 69 70 71

new walkthrough update for 100 doors 2013, did you feel that this game developer too fast update new level for this game?… and do you know what there’s some mistake with the clue LOL, and we have the answer because we ask developer about the solution and they give the right clue, but don’t worry they will fix all error in next update may be when you reach this level you didn’t found it.

Level 66: Slide rope down until you found green arrow.

Level 67: pick up all light on the floor and put it above the door one by one, remember each number shown when you put light. the highest position to lowest 614739.

Level 68: put protractor, watermelon, ball and stick to make word DOOR.

Level 69: confuse with the symbol? it’s 1234 mirrored see picture above.

Level 70: lit candle corresponding with clue above door (black square = light up) then you will se the number 14763152

Level 71: last level for this update, there’s wrong number in this level we just ask developer about this solution and they say they made a mistakes, number 3 in the middle should be 6. clue yellow can divide by 4, clue red can divide by 3, clue cyan can divide by 1. each column summed 176 183 54 —this is the key code

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