100 Doors Walkthrough level 11 to level 20

This is update for 100 doors walkthrough level 11 to level 20, to complete 100 doors need a passion and clever brain, not all player can complete all level in this game so we create walkthrough to help you complete this level faster.

100 Doors level 11
tap this number 45683968
100 Doors level 12
Tap heart symbol, 8, triangle
100 Doors level 13
press 1 until door open
100 Doors level 14
Tap the bulb at right floor put into hanging socket, turn the light on/off until 3 green light above the door on.
100 Doors level 15
Tilt your phone upside down to loose bar. tap the door
100 Doors level 16
Tilt your phone upside down then push red button
100 Doors level 17
red = 1 bar, green = 2 bar, blue = 3 bar. tap left side from top to bottom it’s green, red, red, and right side from top to bottom is red, blue, green.
100 Doors level 18
Rotate your phone clockwise then rotate counter clockwise
100 Doors level 19
tap !!!!, !, !!!, !!, !!, !!!, !, !!!!,

100 Doors level 20
Match the picture shown in the middle and left/right :pattern fish, tomato, banana, car, chicken, robot.


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