100 Doors Underground Walkthrough Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here we go 100 doors underground walkthrough this solution created to help you which love puzzle game and stuck with this addicting game, 100 doors underground created with good graphic from 1 to 10 we give 8 point, i recommended you play this game using tablet or phone with bigger screen, because you will easier to get clue or hints.

Stage 1: just tap the door.

Stage 2: pick up key on the shelf, then use it to open door.

Stage 3: slide floor mat to the left, then pick up key behind it, use this key to open door.

Stage 4: pick up hammerhead and handle, combine it then use to hit vase, pick up key inside vase and use key to open door.

Stage 5: tilt phone left to make balloon explode, then pick up key and use it.

Stage 6: pick up grinder and disc, combine it then use to pierce safe, pick up key from hole then use it open door.

Stage 7: pick up chisel and hammer, use chisel on the crack brick and then shake your phone until you can see a key there, pick up key and use it open door.

Stage 8:  look at the window there’s clue, tap square according to the star and moon. then pick up key at top right.

Stage 9: you must complete this puzzle image, get the key when you can complete this puzzle.

Stage 10: slide door with two finger left and right, pick up key on the table and use it to open door.


This is the last level for today, we will update this 100 doors underground solution in next few hours , please bookmark this website or share with your friends.

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