100 Doors Time Machine Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

100 Doors Time Machine is a challenging puzzle game, just like 100 doors 2013 and Dooors in this game you must find the way to open time machine door and continue to higher level. This is the guide/solution for 100 doors time machine i hope this will help you continue to next level when stuck.

Level 1: pick up hammer use it to break the glass tube, then push the button and tap door.

Level 2: use hammer to break the ice, and tap door.

Level 3: pick up broom on the turret, and slide gas nozzle to the tank then tilt your phone right and then tap door.

Level 4: use broom to sweeping sand then pick up green stone and tap door.

Level 5: pick up harp, then tap pillar and then door.

Level 6: tilt your phone to move the big rock and then move straight rock and gauge to the door and then tap door.

Level 7: Move logo and tap light switch, tap door.

Level 8:insert green stone to the hole, and tap door.

Level 9: open all food cover pick up meat and salad, move table to right and then tap door.

Level 10: Tap start from 1 to 6 then tap door.

Level 11: use broom to hit beehive, then tap door.

Level 12: use harp then tap dragon it will sleep, tap door.

Level 13: slide down root (number 1) then put meat on the ground (number 2), tap door to go to next level.

Level 14: tap light switch then tap button above door, make numbers 10, 20, 50, and 02 then tap door.

Level 15: tap trojan horse tail, then tilt your phone left pick up sword, use sword to cut rope on the wheel and then tilt your phone right and tap door.


That’s the 15 walkthrough for 100 doors time machine, we will update this solution in next few hours, please share this game and walkthrough with your friends using Facebook and twitter, we would greatly appreciate it.

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