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Another puzzle games named 100 doors seasons just played by our team and now the time to share the walkthrough for first 20 level, this game created with better graphic and idea if compared with other Christmas games so we recommend all puzzle games lover to try this game using their android, this game planed until 10 stages which on each stages contain 10 challenging level, first stages is the easiest part so if you feel this game too easy for you, then try another stages or help other solve this game.

level 1. touch the door.

level 2. shake your android left and right.

level 3. rub the door.

level 4. tap socks get a key and use to open door.

level 5. use 6 finger to tap rocket at same times.

level 6. use 4 finger to tap candy at same times.

level 7. count red ball, purple ball, gold ball and blue = 5223 use this number to open door.

level 8. shake your android until candy stick fall, then use it to hit ice until it fall.

level 9. find a hat and scarf for the snowman.

level 10. you must hold the green sponge into blue circle 8 second.

level 11. slide present up the button ( see preview ) then release it.

level 12. tap toys box 4 times then change position : wolf, bear, dog, fox.

level 13. see the clock its 23:47, use this number to open door.

level 14. tilt phone left remember the color sequence, now tap each square above door match the number with present color : 34798 use this number to open door.

level 15. move the ball from red square to green square using board ( tilt left-right, up – down ).

level 16. turn on the lights, then tap lock pad see the finger print at number 0246, turn of the lights then use code 0246 to open door.

level 17. tap door to see the sequence: 341243

level 18. shake your android until snow fall 6 times then slide snow below padlock, pick up key and use it to open door.

level 19. find 3 rocket ( behind painting, behind present, inside socks ) slide present, slide painting then shake to make socks fall, pick up matches then use it to burn rocket.

level 20. count outer arrow on each flakes start from bottom left : 8 4 10 6, use this code to open door.

Finally we can easily complete 100 doors seasons level 1 to 20, next stages will be more and more difficult than this so if you still need walkthrough or cheats for this game please bookmark levelstuck.com because we will post all guide for this game. Having problem with the game? glitch, bug or anything share with our team at facebook.com/levelstuck.

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