100 Doors Runaway Level 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 Walkthrough

Gipnetix games just add new puzzles for 100 doors runaway level 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 and we just complete this game today, and want to share the solutions here at levelstuck.com not the first but we try to create a simple guide for you so all player can solve this game.

level 71 : drag ball into all ring done, then put 4 ball at corner ring, then put 4 ball at bottom left corner and 4 ball at top right corner.

level 72 : pick up apple and put at top left pot to make snake move forward, see number at snake body (to see number you must capture screen 3925) : 39251 guess last number.

level 73 : pick up rope on floor and saw on the tree, use saw to cut the tree and tap wood scraps to see number (1783) use rope on branch and wheel then tap wheel to remove tree now use number 1783 to open door.

level 74 : use hand to move square wood from left to right.

level 75 : slide remote to any direction when indicator move half put 50 flag at the remote position, when the indicator move full right put 100 flag at remote position do this until all flag used.

level 76 : move 2 half scissor mold to the plus then tap equal symbol, pick up pickaxe and use it on bottom right rock you will have small stone. slide stone and fire to plus symbol then tap equal to make metal, now put scissor mold and metal at plus symbol then tap equal to make scissor, use scissor to cut tape / bow.

level 77 : see roman number on wall " IXIXIXIXIXIX " that’s the key, open door using number 9999999


unsatisfied with this small update ? me too we want play more level but the developer only add 7 new level this week, if you like this game please consider a small donation to the developer so they can create more level in each update :D.

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