100 Doors Runaway Level 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 Walkthrough

This is update for 100 doors runaway level 63 to 70 this game just add new 7 level and we can complete all level in several minutes, in this update the developer only create an easy puzzle we hope you can solve all new level, but if some player cannot solve some level just see the walkthrough below then you can continue next level.

level 63: pickup pot and net fishing use net to pick up stone at bottom left hole then use stone to burn wood,
fill pot with water the put above fire see number on mirror : 45789

level 64: pick up tape then touch top right bulb, now use tape to left bulb then tap it, firefly will stick on tape, pickup firefly and put inside jar and shake your phone.

level 65: tap green circle : bottom right, top, bottom left, right, left, bottom right

level 66: slide all padlock to left, slide green circle follow line

level 67: pick up broom use it to clean the sand in front of the door you got green stone, turn on top, middle left and middle right.

level 68: this level is very easy two number in middle is 00 so the answer: 37500621

level 69: pick up apple then grated it slide grater up then pick up result and put in glass and next: lemon, lemon, blue fruit, apple. doors open

level 70:  tap this battery compartment: left top bottom right, bottom right left top.


100 doors runaway walkthrough solutions for level 63 to 70 completed, please wait 1 week to get new level. if you stuck and cannot solve this game with this guide please post at our facebook page, we will try to help.

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