100 Doors & Rooms Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

We just found a new addicting game for iphone and ipad named 100 doors&rooms now 10 level already completed below is the walkthrough if you cannot solve a level in this game. This game created with high quality design, still 2d but better than other 3d game or we can say this game quality equal with doors and room.

level 1: open right cabinet and pick up flash light, then open ventilation and use flashlight to illuminate pick up a key and use to open door.

level 2: pick up paper ball on floor then see clue, arrange book on shelf to make word E-S-C-A-P-E, open top cabinet pick up a key and use to open door.

level 3: pick up heart behind doll at the window and wall cabinet, open top cabinet and pick up another heart now slide heart to doll in floor ( use heart which have same color with the doll) repeat until you got a key.

level 4: tap calendar see number in circle, use this number to open cabinet, pick up usb stick from cabinet then use it with computer now you got number 521 use this code to open door.

level 5: pick up magnifying glass from cabinet, the open refrigerator pick up ice and put above cabinet then use magnifying glass to melt ice, pick up key.

level 6: open cabinet then pick up coin, then insert coin to binoculars and see number 4273, use this code to open door.

level 7: open cabinet on floor and pick up rope, use rope to close left window blind and see number 921, use this code to open door.

level 8: open left cabinet pick up wrench and wheel, open right cabinet and pick up another wheel, now use wheel to fix wheelchair, then tap to move wheelchair and open door.

level 9: tap left cabinet and pick up cloth, then use it to clean mirror you got number 348, use this number to open small cabinet at right then pick up a key and use to open door.

level 10: open refrigerator pick up cheese, pick up pan and put above stove now put cheese inside pan and tap stove, cheese melt then pick up a key and use it to open door.

Now you can play 100 doors & rooms without using cheats, then share your result at our facebook page so other player can use your guide. Tomorrow we will add more walkthrough for this game so if you still want to read our guide for this game please bookmark, rate and share this game with your friends.

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