100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

100 doors of revenge just add 17 new level yesterday, in this update we can play a fresh puzzle with different idea, all level in this update is possible to solve if you try several method, but if you stuck at this update we just create a solution to help you pass the difficult level then try next puzzles.

Level 58: pick up dagger, rifle and sword the put it on the box

Level 59: set the ball position from higher to lower according to weight

Level 60: set left bar at 4 and 7 then right bar at 3 and 6

Level 61: Shake phone to move spider, then feed spider with all fly

Level 62: tilt phone upside down until you found statue, then slide it to connect with head

Level 63: put stone at the carpet and move jar above shelf then tilt your phone left to make jar hit stone, pick up a key then use to open door

Level 64: tap 2 red button at same time until liquid pass red line then tap black button until door open.

Level 65:tap handle until opposite directions.

Level 66: look at hand count finger 4-5-4 devil number 666 then unlock code is 454666.

Level 67: count all letter T, I, M and E the totals is 3245, use this number to unlock door.

Level 68: tap arrow to change door and tap door when same with number 1, tap door when same with 2, tap door when same with 3, tap door when same with 4, tap door when same with 5.

Level 69: X = 10 and Y = 12 use 1012 to unlock, 333 + 333 = 666 then use 666 to unlock 2nd puzzle.

Level 70: look at clock it’s 3 * 15 = 45 then unlock code is 45333.

Level 71: tilt phone left then slide bar right, tilt phone right and slide bar right.

Level 72: move saw to lock pad then move it left and right.

Level 73: tap right 13 times, then tap left 7 times and tap right 5 times.

Level 74: set stick on the door | then tap print, / then tap print, /\ then tap print, / then tap print, | then tap print.

Level 75: tap cabinet start from number 1 to 7 then pick up key put inside cabinet 1, then tap cabinet start from 1 to 7 to get another key, use key to open door

we hope this walkthrough can help you complete 100 doors of revenge game, if you have difficulties to solve this level please send us message at Facebook.

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