100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

This is it new 100 doors of revenge walkthrough for level 25 to 33, this game just add few level yesterday and now we want to share our game guide to you which have difficulties to solve this game, because out there lot of player still need a hints or solution for this amazing game.

level 25: put 3 stone on the lever then shake your phone, put 2 stone on the lever then shake your phone, put 1 stone on the lever then shake your phone.

level 26:put your phone on the level surface then hold your finger on all tube, until liquid pass line.

level 27:tap to move bar same with preview above.

level 28:pick up crowbar above door and use it to open locker, pick up oil tank and put on the floor then tilt your phone left.

level 29:tap button same with pattern above.

level 30: put ball, 2 teddy, apple and wrench above the scale.

level 31: pick up knife to cut cheese then put cheese on the floor start from trap.

level 32:tap button start from 1 to 8.

level 33: shake your phone to get key, use key to open white box, then count red green and blue object: 353 use this number to open door pad.

level 34: shake your phone now count square wood and round it should be 8 and 13, 8+13 = 21, the answer is 81321 help by L Ana Maria

Level 35: to make left 4 and right 4 move liquid like this: A to B, B to C, B to A, C to B, A to C, C to B, B to A, C to B, A to C, C to B

Level 36: tap painting start from number 1 to 9

Level 37: tap diamond start from 1 to 8 you must do this twice

Level 38: complete this math, result is 27 25 18 16 14 we only need part 1 3 and 5 so : the code is 271814.

Level 39: tap color and number: blue, red, five, red, green, red, blue, six.

Level 40: another math 😀 you must make all result to 15, now set number same with preview above and you win.


now we complete this walkthrough, if you like this solution please share this page with others, it’s very appreciated 😀

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