100 Doors Classic Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Just solve few level in 100 doors classic escape and I hope this walkthrough will be useful for other player which cannot continue playing because some level in classic escape are too difficult to solve. I never play any other game created by con play, but now they create a challenging game although some level still illogical for me. I know a video walkthrough need fast internet connection and for mobile user like me sometimes I had problem with my internet, so this cheats will be the best solutions for player 100 doors classic escape that use slow internet connection.

100 doors classic escape level 1 to 20

1. to get a key slide dumbbell above box then release.

2. match flag with country  China, Australia, France (top to bottom)

3. count left door square and right door square 60 60

4. 2 10 18 26 and 1 4 9 16 : 2616

5. lmnop and adgjm : 16 and 13 ( P in alphabet is number 16 and M is 13)

6. shake phone to make axe fall , use axe to hit painting, get a key

7. slide and make letter Z at the dots

8. slide rope to get key

9. remember bulbs on 3433

10. tilt phone left to get stone, use to hit “EXIT”

11. slide airplane to right

12. change letters to enter

13. unlock code 6349

14. use towel to clean paint

15. cube 3 hat 4, photo 3, number 1 : 3431

16. shake to get key

17. tilt to move ball into hole

18. put seed at pot, then flush, get a key from plant

19. use eraser to clean board. clock + 16 : 10216

20. 1 man ate 4 to day : 1842 ( ate / eight, to / two)

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