100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough Level 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

Hellooo… this is it a new 100 doors 2014 walkthrough, i hope you patient waiting for our doors game walkthrough because with this 10 walkthrough you can easily complete few level in 100 doors 2014, if you need other level you can use our search form.

Level 36: tap square to make each line inside square connected.

Level 37: tilt phone left to move floor mat then tap white button, slide vases right then shake your phone until vase drop pick up key and use it to open door.

Level 38: count object inside square = 3, rectangle = 5, circle = 4, triangle = 3. now complete math see preview above, tap door pad to see sequence red blue green and yellow, insert 2197 to open door.

Level 39: you must change circle color into rainbow, to change first circle tap number 1, to change second color tap number 2 and so on see preview.

Level 40: to mix right color this is the answer:
top: yellow and red = orange
middle: red and blue = purple
bottom: yellow and blue = green

Level 41: find the blue battery and put on the door, then shake your phone until yellow bar full.

Level 42: count arrow point to upper left corner, bottom left corner, upper right corner, bottom right corner. the answer is 3452.

Level 43: see clue at bottom of the door N = 3 books, V = 2 o’clock, S = 3 line, O = 4 layer. so the answer is 3234.

Level 44: shake your phone until vase drop, now see roman number 6493, diamond on the painting is number sequence clue.

Level 45: corner line is the sequence: 1 line = purple, 2 line = red,  3 line = brown, 4 line = blue. now look at dots on the door purple red brown and blue = 2634, tilt your phone upside down and enter code into door pad.

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