100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough Level 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

100 doors 2014 updated again more than 15 new level added, and this is the walkthrough for the new level this can help you find a solution and continue to next level, because in this puzzles game sometimes we can solve higher level easily than the lower, this is happen if you can’t understand the clue or math.

Level 27: tilt your phone upside down to see clue: time, art, name, purple. so tap clock, painting, anderson and floor mat to open level 27 door.


Level 28: count each shape above door then you must count the result red shape, yellow, blue and green. the answer is 4232.

Level 29:slide left square up, then shake your phone to get key there are 4 key red, green, blue and yellow, use the key to open lock with same color.

Level 30: tap black circle above door, tap the first, third, fifth, sixth.

Level 31: count corner/angles on each shape start from the smallest to biggest and the answer is 3645.

Level 32: look at the small arrow direction, clock = 4, carter = 6 (number of letters), painting = 5, floor mat = 5 (count triangle) so the answer is 4655.

Level 33: in this level you must multiply object inside square, the result is  18  and 25, tilt your phone right to move floor mat, insert 1825 at lock pad.

Level 34: pick up paper above clock to see the clue, now tilt your phone left until the clock at 03:05 position then tap clock, floor mat, door handle and painting.

Level 35: tilt your phone left and right to see number behind mirror and painting 83 and 72, use this number to the lock pad behind left painting tilt your phone to move painting.

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