100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 81 82 83 84 85

This is last 5 walkthrough for 100 doors 2013 updated at 15 December, in this level we need bit passion when tap two object at same time especially if you use cell phone with screen size 230×240, it’s need a little luck and concentration to pass the level, this problem doesn’t happen if you use bigger screen size or good touchscreen cell phone.

Level 81: complete the puzzle above is the complete puzzle for your guide. tap green button when you complete it.

Level 82: tap both triangles 1 time, tap both square 2 times, tap left triangle 3 times, tap right triangle 4 times. need a bit passion to tap two object at same times we use thumb to tap it :P.

Level 83: pick up shoe, use shoe then slide floor mat 3 times, tap door knocker 3 times.

Level 84: tap flower to make right result, see preview above if confuse.

Level 85: tap each ball lamp according to the number, 2 mean tap twice, clue is on the floor.

this is the walkthrough update for 100 doors 2013, we will update new walkthrough if new level added by gipnetix game developer. Please bookmark this website or share this game with your friends.

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