100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Level 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

This is another 100 doors 2013 walkthrough update, this game still playable with tablet or phone that using  screen size bigger than 240×320, or you will stuck at level 39 if play this game using phone with  screen size 240×320. We recommend you use android tablet or phone with 4 inch screen size. may be there’s mistake on level 59 because the result is 40752 but the answer is 36752 ( from the developer ).

Level 57: slide left door to the right then tap square from lowest to highest and slide door left. slide top door down then tap square from the highest to lowest then slide it up. slide right door to the left then tap square from right to left.

Level 58: see code above door, green circle is the number position so the answer is 5791359359.

Level 59: left card should be 40 but i don’t know why the answer is 36 may be ace, joker and 2 3 4 is not included. middle card 7. right card is 52 =  all card without joker. the right answer 36752

Level 60: count the circle, 6666 = 4 circle, 8 = 2 circle. the answer is 1424

Level 61: just tap button, but tilt you phone left when tap boat so arrow pointing upwards, tilt right when tap car, and turn your phone upside down when tap the top button

Level 62: car facing right direction so tap right 6 times, bicycle facing left so tap left 1 time, boat facing right so tap right 2 times, plane facing left so tap left 9 times.

Level 63:count the circle, triangle and square. the answer 4165

Level 64:pick up rope on the floor use it to the left cart ring, then  slide it right pick up hammer use it to hit cat. now change clock direction to west and tap green button, change clock direction to east and tap green button, change clock direction to south and tap green button, change clock direction to north and tap green button.

Level 65: tap piano keys start from 1 to 6 to make all lights on.

next six level/nivel update will be available in few hours please bookmark www.levelstuck.com to get latest walkthrough.

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